Do You Agree with Jason?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Come one, Come all

Okay, so maybe you have seen the peeps in greens shirts and have asked them some questions. Maybe you have had enough of this already.

Well, I would like to invite you to come and meet Jason this Thursday, Jan. 26th at 7PM in the SUB Theater. Jason will be giving a presentation and then there will be a time for questions.

I invite you to come and find out just who Jason is and why people are agreeing or disagreeing with him. I think that there have been some interesting thoughts about Jason this last week, but now there is a chance to really find out what is going on.

Also, look back here for more information and comments from Jason starting Thrusday morning.

If you would like to talk with Jason, without the comments of others, I would recommend emailing him @ (even if you don't agree.)



At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What's really going on..."

I know I already posted this comment in another section, but this new blog entry wasn't up when I did it, so here it is again...

I haven't actually shown up to one of these things, but this is what I have been told (so don't take everything I say as being 100% accurate).

"Do you agree with Jason" is another campaign having to do with the Christian faith. It is simply a revamp of the "Do you agree with Tyler and Pete" campaign that was going on the year I got here (or perhaps it was when I was checking this place out the quarter before I attended). Anyway, basically how this works is they create this air of mystery about Jason and make people wonder who Jason is and what he is all about, but as you can see, they won't give you any specifics. Then people begin to show up with T-Shirts that say the same vague question. Actually another student who remembers the "Tyler and Pete" campaign actually predicted that the shirts would come out this week. Finally they announce a meeting being given by the Jason and, of course, everyone who is dying to know shows up to this meeting and what you learn is that the topic of the meting is Christianity.

I thoroughly disagree with this campaign, being somewhat of a Christian myself. I think that it is somewhat deceitful in that it is tricking people to show up to something that the group putting this on should have been open and upfront about in the first place.

At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Chris Mills said...

Here is the thing that is irritating me the most about this whole thing...

After reading the comments from the other blog postings it is abumdently clear that we know (or at least assume to know) what is going to be discussed at the meeting on Thursday. Why can't the moderator/author of this blog just come out and tell us what it is?

I have already wasted my time coming to here to learn about what it is Jason will be talking about to see if the event would be of any interest to me. After sifting through every single blog posting and all the comments attached to them I have learned nothing more about what this event is about.

Just like I have learned in every writing class I have ever taken, you need to support your statements with evidence.

"You stated that I have admitted that this is all about evangelization. Well, that simply isn't true."

How? You have yet to render a single piece of evidence to persuade me to believe otherwise.

Please stop the secrecy and be honest with the people who would like to know what it is that Jason is about and to those who would like an honest answer about what they will be getting involved with by going to your event.

At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't agree with Jason. I think he is a male-centric, anti-human civil rights promoter, self-centered, egotistic, hate-inducing discriminator.

At 2:05 PM, Blogger stripes said...

people, people--the whole point of this campaign is to stir people to ask questions, stimulate interesting conversations, and encourage people to come and listen to what jason has to say. the goal of this campaign is NOT to deceive people in any way. the reason people are not sharing more about what it is about is because they have committed to jason to let him share what is on his heart. the point, like i said, is to get people to ask questions. keep an open mind. i'm encouraged by the response this campaign has received, even if a lot of people think it's tacky or deceptive. i had a girl come up to me and want to know more about what the whole thing is about, so i'll tell her all about it over coffee. i'm willing to tell everyone what this is about, but it requires more than the 2 minutes most people allot for the response to "who's jason?"... go get some coffee with any one of these people who are wearing the bright green shirts and they will gladly tell you. as for everyone who thinks they are being tricked into coming thursday to hear jason, they're mistaken. people who will come most likely will come because they're curious (among other reasons, i'm sure). that's great. so what if jason is christian and wishes to tell people what he believes. what if jason were homosexual or against war, i guarantee you you would have a whole different mindset. it wouldn't be deceptive then, would it? search your motives, then ask jason his.

At 5:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What if jason were homosexual or against war, i guarantee you you would have a whole different mindset. It wouldn't be deceptive then, would it?"

Yeas it would because it would still be the same tactics in with a different subject. Not to assume that this is what will happen, but since some Christians tend to actively convert people you can see where the stereotype is coming from anyway. Besides, most people are upset because they don't like being told that they are less of a good person or that they are going to hell because they don't believe in Christ or God (again, not to assume that this is part of the campeign or Jason's beliefs). War and homosexuality are completely different. My eternal soul will not go to hell because I do or do not support war and I certainly would not have cared if he were gay or not. Honestly, your last statement was misdirected. People aren't calling this campaign deceitful because of the subject, they are upset with the method...

At 7:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stripes is right! I DON'T want to spend more than two minutes with anyone wearing a "Do you agree with Jason" shirt. Who wants to get preached to?

Besides, if you're hurrying to grab a latte between classes, who has time to talk to anybody, let alone someone trying to sell you something?

At 1:46 PM, Blogger everydayjae said...

I find it odd that this campaign is being described as "deceptive." If the readers of this blog already know what the general point of this campaign is, and how they mean to go about reaching that point how, then, are they being deceived?

As to another point made about the readers time being wasted by simply coming to this blog, I enter this response: why did you come? The jason campaign is fairly uninstrusive. Posters simply stating a question do not grab you by the throat and force you to log on to the internet and find an answer as to whether or not you do indeed agree with its asker.

There have been many statements made that accuse jason to be something that he is not claiming to be. I challenge those accusers to read the statement of faith jason has posted, and to find one ounce of arrogance or hate in the words.

The question is "do you agree," then perhaps followed by "why or why not." Not "what do you think of jason?" The two evoke very different conversations. Which one are you participating in?

At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I find it odd that this campaign is being described as "deceptive." If the readers of this blog already know what the general point of this campaign is, and how they mean to go about reaching that point how, then, are they being deceived?"


"Johnny, did you clean your room like I told you?"
"Yes, mom, I did."
"Johnny, I just checked your room before I asked you, and it hasn't been cleaned."


Just because you already know the answer to a question, (or in this case, what 'Do you Agree with Jason' is really about) doesn't mean that the other person isn't being deceptive.
Yes, that was a simple analogy. But this is a deceptive advertising campaign, because you don't say, "Come out on January 26th to hear Jason's views about his beliefs/religion/homosexuals/war/whatever." Instead, you say, "Come out on January 26th to find out if you agree with Jason." Period.

I make a good analogy about Tide detergent here in response to Stripes comments there.
If you can understand that analogy, perhaps you can understand why some people might be upset at this kind of promotion.


At 4:56 PM, Anonymous mr. friend said...

Now I understand... this is a deceptive ploy to sell coffee! I should have known.

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